We are a medical laboratory with 20 years experience in the field of medical diagnosis, recognized by doctors, private companies and insurance companies by our high level of professionalism, guarantee the outcome of reviews, personalized care to patients and efficiency in the delivery of results.

Our purpose is to provide a high quality service and efficiently, through the implementation of policies on quality control, methodologies team up with the latest technology, which ensures the reliability of the results.


Embriolab This is the science that studies and deals with embryos, their characteristics and development from the moment that the ovum is fertilized to the extra-uterine phase of life. [...]


Androlab It collects, processes and stores and/or distributes human semen for use in technologically advanced assisted reproduction, which includes, but is not limited to, therapeutic insemination. [...]

What is the Yellow Fever?

Fiebre Amarilla The yellow fever is a viral disease produced by a virus (Flavovirus). Although it is a rare disease in travellers, many countries require that the visitors have the vaccine against the fever [...]

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